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Unique college majors that only few have heard of

Let’s face it- the days of the regular, boring, conventional courses are now almost at the brink of dying lazy deaths. Yet, most of us end up opting for those traditional majors that ensure us steady paychecks, respect and secure futures. But, what about those who aren’t meant to walk on the beaten track? What do colleges have to offer to those spirited individuals looking for inspiration? Well, here’s a list of the whacky, crazy, unique college majors and information about where to get them. 1. Adventure/Wilderness Therapy: Of course not everyone’s cup of tea. This is the kind of course perfect for people who love adventure, travel, out-door activities and are essentially- extroverts. OFFERED AT: Unity College/ Maine, Naropa University. JOB PROSPECTS: Field instructor, Behavioral health professional, Outdoor behavioral healthcare specialist, Adventure specialist. 2. Kinesiology and Exercise Science: This major puts you leagues apart from your friendly, bulky gym instructor. The major is ideal and well suited for students looking for a career in health. OFFERED AT: Rice/ Texas, University of South California. JOB PROSPECTS: Sports medicine, Strength and conditioning trainer, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy. 3. Astrobiology: It is defined as, â€Å"the exploration of life outside of Earth and to the investigation of the origin and early evolution of life on Earth.† Doesn’t that sound wonderful already? OFFERED AT: University of Washington or Penn State JOB PROSPECTS: Astrobiology researcher, scientist or educator Related articles #SAT College Board,#SAT Score #RefundAugustSAT | Have my SAT Scores Been Compromised? 0 1044 #SAT College Board New SAT 2018-2019 - Dates and Deadlines 0 9114 # Meet Our SAT Leaderboard Toppers! 0 2298 #SAT Score Average SAT Scores At 10 Top Universities   0 0 #SAT College Board Where to find answer explanations for SAT Blue Book? 0 5535 4. Bagpiping: Described by the University as a program â€Å"where a person can get a complete grounding in music as well as specific instruction on the instrument.† Can it get any cooler? OFFERED AT: Carnegie Mellon University JOB PROSPECTS: A bagpiper or teaching the bagpipes 5. Bakery Science: The delicious major offers to train students for all administrative, research, production, and executive positions that can be found in the baking industry. OFFERED AT: Kansas State University -->JOB PROSPECTS: Careers within restaurants, caterers, hotels, clubs, food manufacturers, testing laboratories, and large and small bakeries. 6. Comic art: Talking of goofy careers, this is as crazy as it gets. Students are taught the command of line, colour, composition, character development, storyboarding, and plot to create complex works that pull readers in. OFFERED AT: Minneapolis College of Art and Design JOB PROSPECTS: Working at comic studios as a cartoonist, illustrator or author or in comic book art production.    7. Egyptology: â€Å"Exploration of the histories, languages, cultures and sciences of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and their neighbors† and â€Å"will be exposed to the critical study of the ancient cultures of these regions (ca. 3400 B.C.E.–100 C.E.) using the tools of archaeology, epigraphy, and historical inquiry† is how Brown University defines the course. OFFERED AT: Brown University JOB PROSPECTS: Egyptologist, historian, specialized archaeologist. Have more questions Get your admission related queries resolved on LEAP Admission Counselling Group

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Bent Pyramid Insight In Egyptian Architectural History

The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur, Egypt is unique among pyramids: instead of being a perfect pyramid shape, the slope changes about 2/3 of the way to the top. It is also one of five Old Kingdom Pyramids that retain their original form, 4,500 years after their construction. All of them—the Bent and Red Pyramids at Dahshur and the three Pyramids at Giza—were built within a single century. Out of all five, the Bent Pyramid is the best opportunity we have for understanding how architectural techniques of ancient Egypt were developed. Statistics The Bent Pyramid is located near Saqqara, and it was built during the reign of the Old Kingdom Egyptian pharaoh Snefru, sometimes transliterated from the hieroglyphs as Snofru or Sneferu. Snefru ruled Upper and Lower Egypt between 2680-2565 BCE or 2575-2551 BCE, depending on which chronology you use. The Bent Pyramid is 189 meters (620 feet) square at its base and 105 m (345 ft) tall. It has two distinct interior apartments designed and built independently and connected only by a narrow passageway. Entrances to these rooms are located on the north and west faces of the pyramid. It is unknown who was buried inside of the Bent Pyramid—their mummies were stolen in ancient times. Why is it Bent? The pyramid is called bent because of that steep change in slope. To be precise, the lower part of the pyramids outline is angled inward at 54 degrees, 31 minutes, and then at 49 m (165 ft) above the base, the slope abruptly flattens out to 43 degrees, 21 minutes, leaving a distinctively odd shape. Several theories about why the pyramid was made this way were prevalent in Egyptology until recently. They included the premature death of the pharaoh, requiring the speedy completion of the pyramid; or that noises coming from the interior clued the builders into the fact that the angle was not sustainable. To Bend or Not to Bend Archaeoastronomer Juan Antonio Belmonte and engineer Giulio Magli have argued that the Bent Pyramid was built at the same time as the Red Pyramid, a pair of monuments built to celebrate Snefru as the double-king: pharaoh of the Red Crown of the north and the White Crown of the South. Magli, in particular, has argued that the bend was an intentional element of the Bent Pyramids architecture, meant to establish an astronomical alignment appropriate to Snefrus sun cult. The most commonly held theory today is that a comparably sloped pyramid—Meidum, also thought to have been built by Snefru—collapsed while the Bent Pyramid was still under construction, and the architects adjusted their building techniques to make sure the Bent Pyramid would not do the same. A Technological Breakthrough Intentional or not, the Bent Pyramids odd appearance provides insight into the technical and architectural breakthrough it represents in Old Kingdom monument building. The dimensions and weight of the stone blocks are much greater than its predecessors, and the construction technique of the outer casings is quite different. Earlier pyramids were constructed with a central core with no functional distinctions between casing and external layer: the experimenting architects of the Bent Pyramid tried something different. Like the earlier Step Pyramid, the Bent pyramid has a central core with progressively smaller horizontal courses stacked on top of one another. To fill in the external steps and make a smooth-faced triangle, the architects needed to add casing blocks. The Meidum pyramids outer casings were formed by cutting sloped edges on horizontally placed blocks: but that pyramid failed, spectacularly, its outer casings falling off it in a catastrophic landslide as it neared completion. The Bent Pyramids casings were cut as rectangular blocks, but they were laid sloping inward at 17 degrees against the horizontal. That is technically more difficult, but it gives strength and solidity to the building, taking advantage of gravity pulling the mass inward and downward. This technology was invented during the construction: in the 1970s, Kurt Mendelssohn suggested that when Meidum collapsed, the core of the Bent Pyramid was already built to a height of about 50 m (165 ft), so instead of starting from scratch, the builders changed the way the outer casings were constructed. By the time Cheops pyramid at Giza was constructed a few decades later, those architects used improved, better-fitting and better-shaped limestone blocks as casings, permitting that steep and lovely 54-degree angle to survive. A Complex of Buildings In the 1950s, archaeologist  Ahmed Fakhry  discovered that the Bent Pyramid was surrounded by a complex of temples, residential structures and causeways, hidden beneath the shifting sands of the Dahshur plateau. Causeways and orthogonal roads connect the structures: some were built or added on to during the Middle Kingdom, but much of the complex is attributed to the reign of Snefru or his 5th dynasty successors. All later pyramids are also part of complexes, but the Bent Pyramids is one of the earliest examples. The Bent Pyramid complex includes a small upper temple or chapel to the east of the pyramid, a causeway and a valley temple. The Valley Temple is a rectangular 47.5x27.5 m (155.8x90 ft) stone building with an open courtyard and a gallery that probably held six statues of Snefru. Its stone walls are about 2 m (6.5 ft) thick. Residential and Administrative An extensive (34x25 m or 112x82 ft) mud brick structure with much thinner walls (.3-.4 m or 1-1.3 ft) was adjacent to the valley temple, and it was accompanied by round silos and square storage buildings. A garden with some palm trees stood nearby, and a mud-brick enclosure wall surrounded all of it. Based on archaeological remains, this set of buildings served a range of purposes, from domestic and residential to administrative and storage. A total of 42 clay sealing fragments naming fifth dynasty rulers was found in a midden east of the valley temple. South of the Bent pyramid is a smaller pyramid, 30 m (100 ft) high with an overall slope of about 44.5 degrees. The small inner chamber may have held another statue of Snefru, this one to hold the Ka, the symbolic vital spirit of the king. Arguably, the Red Pyramid could be part of the intended Bent Pyramid complex. Built roughly at the same time, the Red Pyramid is the same height, but faced with reddish limestone—scholars surmise that this is the pyramid where Snefru himself was buried, but of course, his mummy was looted long ago. Other features of the complex include a necropolis with Old Kingdom tombs and Middle Kingdom burials, located east of the Red Pyramid. Archaeology and History The primary archaeologist associated with excavations in the 19th century was William Henry Flinders Petrie; and in the 20th century, it was Ahmed Fakhry. Ongoing excavations are being conducted at Dahshur by the German Archaeological Institute at Cairo and the Free University of Berlin. Sources Aboulfotouh, Hossam M. K. Astronomical Algorithms of Egyptian Pyramids Slopes Adn Their Modules Divider. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 15.3 (2015): 225–35. Print.Alexanian, Nicole, and Felix Arnold. The Necropolis of Dahshur: Eleventh Excavation Report Spring 2014. Berlin: German Archaeological Institute and Free University of Berlin, 2014. Print.Alexanian, Nicole, et al. The Necropolis of Dahshur: Fifth Excavation Report Spring 2008. Berlin: German Archaeological Institute and Free University of Berlin, 2008. Print.Belmonte, Juan Antonio, and Giulio Magli. Astronomy, Architecture, and Symbolism: The Global Project of Sneferu at Dahshur. Journal for the History of Astronomy 46.2 (2015): 173–205. Print.MacKenzie, Kenneth J. D., et al. Were the Casing Stones of Senefrus Bent Pyramid in Dahshour Cast or Carved?: Multinuclear Nmr Evidence. Materials Letters 65.2 (2011): 350–52. Print.Magli, Giulio. The Giza ‘Written’ Landscape and the Double Project of King Khufu. Time and Mind 9.1 (2016): 57-74. Print.Mendelssohn, K. A Building Disaster at the Meidum Pyramid. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 59 (1973): 60–71. Print.Moeller, Nadine. The Archaeology of Urbanism in Ancient Egypt from the Predynastic Period to the End of the Middle Kingdom. New York: Camridge University Press, 2016. Print.Mà ¼ller-Rà ¶mer, Frank. A New Consideration of the Construction Methods of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 44 (2008): 113–40. Print.Reader, Colin. On Pyramid Causeways. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 90 (2004): 63–71. Print.Rossi, Corinna. Note on the Pyramidion Found at Dahshur. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 85 (1999): 219–22. Print.

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Retailing and Sample Business Plan - 5186 Words

SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN SAM’S KIDS STORE, INC Disclaimer: This is a sample business plan, so the company and business information are fictitious. This plan reflects our standard business plan model, and changes in outline and structure can be made as per client specifications. GENERAL COMPANY DESCRIPTION.......................................................................4 MARKETING PLAN................................................................................................8 C.Market Growth:...................................................................................................................11 E.Market†¦show more content†¦Childrens T-Shirts An exclusive range of full sleeve childrens t-shirts Half Sleeve T-Shirts We offer a broad range of half-sleeve t-shirts Cotton Knickers Knickers are one of the trendiest as well as the most comfortable garment for kids, Available in eye catching prints and colors. II. Benefits and Features: Highlighted features: - Lovely designs and prints Eye-catching colors Long-lasting Apparels Sample Business Plan 6 - Comfortable to wear Available in various sizes III. Why people need this service? A number of the factors that have made us the ideal choice of our customers are: †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Various variety under a single roof Quality guaranteed goods Customization Capacity to accept mass orders Well-timed delivery Easy payment modes of Cash Sample Business Plan 7 Marketing Plan I. Market Analysis: A. Market Description US kids wear market is highly competitive market, especially after big retail stores and chains like Wal-Mart, Gap etc entered in the market. Market is shifting from growth to maturity. The clothing business saw approximately $167,934 million in retail sales; the share of the Childrens infants clothing stores is $7,082 millions, the total share of the state Illinois is $328.8 millions, the share of Chicago is $43.356 millions. B. Market Facts a) Market Size: Clothing Industry of USA: In the year 2002, the clothing business sawShow MoreRelatedSample Resume : Quality Measure Essay1387 Words   |  6 PagesPartner With Local Merchants - Free Samples Amazon Fresh launched in 2007 as an e-commerce super market and currently offers same day delivery options. Amazon Fresh aims to conveniently deliver quality and fresh food to your home without ever having to step outside. â€Å"The logic seems obvious: Everyone eats food, every day. Food is a massive business. People like having food delivered. And as Amazon is in both the ‘massive’ and ‘delivered’ business, it seems likes somewhere Amazon oughtRead MoreLi And Fung Commercial Company1719 Words   |  7 PagesGuangzhou which is the first Chinese international trade exporter. Initially LiFung commercial company engaged in the porcelain and silk business. Due to the insufficient water depth of south China river and there is wide and deep ocean-going port in Hong Kong, LiFung limited company was founded in Hong Kong in 1937. In 1985, the subsidiary company—LiFung retailing was established in Hong Kong. It is responsible for retail chain service in Hon g Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China toRead MoreEssay on WRITTEN REPORT GARDEN SUPPLIES PART 21412 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Plan Market Research Assessment 2 Introduction This Project scope â€Å"Regain† has been designed to involve all stakeholders of D.A. Garden Supplies so that all aspects of the business can be be analysed through collecting invaluable information and data by the research methods below. Our aim is to identify the cause of the problem that the business is going through right now so that future marketing can be targeted accordingly for positive results. With proper research and strategic planning, D.ARead MoreCase Study Questions On Plagiarism And Plagiarism1729 Words   |  7 PagesDATE RECEIVED PLEASE PLACE GRADE HERE DATE SENT TO LECTURER Selection of Business: The first and the most essential step before jumping in statistical inference for the given data is defining the Business area, which is relevant to given data specifically for 271487, Selected business area is the one in which I will be pursuing as a career after completing my graduation that is Fast fashion retailing or Apparel Retailing and my position as â€Å"Retail Manager† Decision making Challenges in Retail forRead MoreStrategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette Essay1317 Words   |  6 Pagesprofitable. Coping with change has been a business concern since people began doing business. Recall how the arrival of automobiles put buggy whip manufacturers out of business. Today’s pace of change is unprecedented. Consider what has happened in the retailing arena. Online retail sales went from nearly nothing in the mid-1990s to a projected $242 billion in 2010. Traditional retailing stores have been heavily affected. eBay has become a retailing behemoth enabling individuals to buy and Read MoreTerm Paper: Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette1322 Words   |  6 Pagesmost profitable. Coping with change has been a business concern since people began doing business. Recall how the arrival of automobiles put buggy whip manufacturers out of business. Today’s pace of change is unprecedented. Consider what has happened in the retailing arena. Online retail sales went from nearly nothing in the mid-1990s to a projected $242 billion in 2010. Traditional retailing stores have been heavily affected. eBay has become a retailing behemoth enabling individuals to buy and sellRead MoreBusiness Plan for Room for Dessert Essay955 Words   |  4 PagesMemo to: from: subject: Business Plan for Room For Dessert Date: [ 21.09.2010 ] In this memo I summarize my analysis of the business plan for Room for Dessert (RFD) and evaluate if the proposed venture represents a good investment opportunity. My analysis focuses on the fit between the people and the opportunity only. Successfully building a multi unit restaurant chain demands a team of people with considerable industry experience and execution skills. The people behind RFD have a deficiencyRead MoreAnalysis of Purchasing Habits of Shopping Mall Retail.Doc2288 Words   |  10 PagesInterdisciplinary relevance The emerging sectors retailing, one of the largest sectors in the global economy, is going through a transition phase not only in India but the world over. Traditional retailing has established in India for some centuries, mostly owner-operated, has negligible real estate and labor costs and little or no taxes to pay. Consumer familiarity that runs from generation to generation is one big advantage for the traditional retailing sector. There are the political parties whoRead MoreAVON STRATEGIC ANALYSIS1303 Words   |  6 Pagescostly catalogues, wherein we can switch to modern, mobile and paperless strategy. Engaging in different social media like facebook, twitter, etc.. 2. Expanding Accessible Retail Stores- A purely rep-based system is no longer effective, increasing retailing stores that are near and direct to customers. 3. Increasing the Product Line for Beauty Products – Capitalizing on Avon’s competitive advantage since beauty products have the highest sales. Beauty Products 4. Using Organic Ingredients for BeautyRead MoreFashion Marketing17446 Words   |  70 Pagesof the sample for online research would be beneficial. You have recognised several limitation of the online method and it is recognised as problematic by previous researchers. Reconsider the viability of this methods. Proposal presented with appropriate level of detail and visual Grade 91% / Distinction Feedback Tutor’s signature (Dr. Julia Wolny) Date 11 May 2006 IV signature where applicable Research Proposal Exploring the potential of Children’s Wear Online Retailing in Pakistan

Senseless A False Sense Of Perception Essay Paper Example For Students

Senseless: A False Sense Of Perception Essay Paper I feel as though I have no choice but to be a skeptic about our abilityto know the world on the sense experience given the information that is beingpresented. Our senses are touching, hearing, smelling and tasting, I believe it isquite possible that a person could think they see, touch, and smell somethingsuch as a glass of bear but there be no glass of beer present, therefore theirperception of this glass of beer is false. There is a good possibility thatthis person is suffering from any of the numerous possible sensations, auditory,visual or tactile, experienced without external stimulus and caused by mentalderangement, intoxication or fever, in other words this person could behallucinating. There are many ways that the senses can be tricked into believing thingsthat are not true, an example is when a person takes the drug LSD, this drug isone which alters the state of the mind and tricks it into visually perceivingthings which are not real such as pink elephants, green rats, gold skin and soon. Hallucinations may occur when pressure is applied to different sections,drawing different reactions from the person being affected, these reactions arecaused by the affected person seeing things which they perceive to be real . Hallucinations are only one way by which the visual perception of an object canbe altered there are many more ways by which the visual perception of an objectcan be altered; for example consider a square envelope, pay very close attentionto what you see when you look at this object. If the envelope does not move butyou do then your perception of this object will continually change as you moveabout and the square envelope no longer looks square. Because a square objectsuch as an envelope cant be square and not square at the same time then thevisual perception of the object must be false. Another false visual perception would be a mirage, for example when youdrive down a flat stretch of highway on a hot summer day it appears as thoughthere are patches of water on the road up ahead, as you get closer and closerto where the water appears to be it disappears. Another example would beillusions with mirrors such as the ones that David Copperfield performs, in hisperformances he astounds audiences by making it appear as if people arefloating on air. In regard to the debate in section 11 of Philosophical Problems andArguments I tend to agree with premise one which states that we can sometimesbe mistaken in our perceptual beliefs, for example when we hallucinate we aremistaken in our perceptual although we may not realize it at that particularpoint in time. As for premise two I tend not to agree with this one, I dontbelieve that it is always logically possible that our perceptual beliefs arefalse other wise we would all be hallucinating and I find it hard to grasp thatbillions and billions of people are hallucinating. As for the final premise andthe conclusion I tend to believe that they are both false because they bothrelay on the second premise being true. It is said that seeing is believing but with hallucinations, opticalillusions and other false visual perceptions occurring without people evenrealizing it, you have got to wonder who came up with the term seeing isbelieving and how it could ever be possible that somebody would believe such aludicrous statement. Category: Philosophy

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Essay Writing Tips - How to Write a College Admission Essay

Essay Writing Tips - How to Write a College Admission EssayA college admission essay can be both hard and exciting. As someone who has gone through the process of applying to college myself, I have learned the importance of writing a winning college essay.In addition to knowing what to write in your college admission essay, it is important to know how to make the essay better than it was before you began. When you look back at your essay, you may be able to tell what parts were easy and which parts were difficult.To start with, your college admissions essay needs to be written in an organized way. This means that you need to plan out how you are going to organize the information that you will be including in your essay. This can be done by using a simple outline of what the essay is going to be about. It may also be a good idea to have an outline of the chapters that you are going to include in your essay.After you have put together your first draft, you should then go back and edit your essay several times. You should look over the different parts of your essay that you may have left out. For example, if you did not include information that you felt was very important to include in your essay, this will need to be brought up again.The last part of your college admission essay is the discussion portion. In order to write a good college essay, you should ask yourself questions throughout the writing process. There are several websites that will help you learn more about what is important to write about. After you have decided on the areas where you want to include your thoughts, you can now look at the essay itself to see if any of your ideas are missing.While college admissions essays are always going to be hard to write, you should remember that they are also written for the purpose of convincing the admissions committee to accept you into their college. So keep in mind that you are writing an essay for them to read. If you are not sure about how to write a co llege admission essay, there are many books that you can consult about the subject.If you find that you still cannot come up with ideas to use in your college admission essay, you can also hire a professional editor. Editing services are available through college admissions services and there are many different levels of editing that are available.

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The Hidden Gem of As I Lay Dying Essay Topics

The Hidden Gem of As I Lay Dying Essay Topics Because of severe flooding, the principal bridges leading through the neighborhood river have been flooded or washed away, and the Bundrens are made to turn about and attempt a river-crossing on a makeshift ford. The attacks spanned over 30 minutes. Samson tells the Bundrens that the bridge they intend to use to become over the river was submerged from recent rains, and that they ought to re-route their journey. The people whom I see tell me that I still can't find the comprehensive picture. The very first section introduces the introspective Darl, who's the sole son who's fully conscious of all kinds of sensory images and impressions. The countenance of the whole family in the waiting room had changed also. That isn't to say there aren't a lot of historic homes in the region that you visit and explore to your hearts content. She's the one who's dying. Except for Anse, who finally got his teeth at the cost of all his sons' and daughters' dreams. Twenty one of Michael O'Rahilly's men were shot in the very first effort. There's no separation between the 2 worlds in the exact way our world isn't separated from the world of a fetus in its mother's womb. She is only a replacement of Addie. Darl goes into the home to look at his mother. For him, she doesn't exist after death, and during the life. Many times, death is the conclusion of somebody's suffering and an awareness of relief for people who take care of those. Even patients that are medicated with considerable amounts of morphine or other narcotics are mindful of their surroundings, hearing being the previous sense that dies. Though a physical body could be unconscious at the present time of death, the soul is conscious and totally mindful of what is happening. If their grief seems to have no sting, that is the way it appears on the surface. She's sharing her understanding of the cycle of existence. 1 need only consider the fiasco that's Iraq and comment on the comprehensive absence of foresight concerning the vital elements to unite a nation divided by numerous warring factions. It is essentially a phenomenon where someone is not as likely to intervene in a crisis situation when other men and women are found and equipped to help, than they would if they were alone. America does this technique without difficulty. Finally, the delicate political dance which is being played throughout the World with the United States of america forcing it way of life on vastly dissimilar cultures will end in its final demise. Although Darl may be called the main narrator, he isn't the only interesting one. The other narrators do not make an effort to record their ideas in any kind of poetic language. Every one of the narrators has a particular reason behind making the trip. Explain the aim of the outside narrator. Her screams were heard by numerous neighbours. This repeated imagery makes it an important portion of the story. It's really simple to use in addition to self explanatory. Rather each individual's unique perceptions give different meaning to exactly the same words. One of the primary pharmaceutical businesses in the planet, SmithKline Beecham, distributed the video to hospitals throughout the States. Peabody articulates that death doesn't take any 1 form but rather takes different forms based on various perspectives. It actually is quite a beautiful property and where you are able to tell the little details weren't spared. Until a couple of years before, I didn't. There's, obviously, a limit on the range of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. Writing quality essays is the principal use of our services. As you pay for homework, we provide those options free of charge. By keeping our writing at the greatest possible level we've achieved a high rate of consumer retention. It is all up to the reader's discretion to determine this. After discovering our website, you will no longer will need to bother friends and family with these kinds of requests. Our site provides custom writing help and editing aid. This hub is to draw all of them together so the reader has a chronological list and a concise description to allow them to explore.

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Common College Application Essay Topics to Consider

Common College Application Essay Topics to ConsiderThere are several common college application essay topics to consider when writing your essay. You will want to know how to find out what the admissions officer will be looking for so that you can write in the most effective way possible.One of the most common college application essay topics is your high school and college experiences. Essay topics should not only tell the admissions officer about your personal life, but they should also highlight your academic achievements as well. You need to be honest and tell the admissions officer about every aspect of your personal and academic life. If you do not include all of the life experiences and achievements, you may end up getting a letter that has some important information missing.A common college application essay topic is your future goals. Every admission officer is looking for two things: One, they want you to tell them what you would like to do with your life after graduation. Two, they want to know if you have plans to further your education and change careers after you graduate. You do not want to send a vague or complicated response because then the admissions officer has no idea what your goals are. Therefore, it is vital that you provide a full and detailed account of your future aspirations.The other one of the common college application essay topics is your past experiences. Tell the admissions officer, what are the highlights of your high school and college experience. Did you attend a school that is respected or did you attend a school that was not that successful? Were you the president of the student council? The list can go on.While these two topics are definitely the most common college application essay topics, there are other topics that you can also include in your essay. These include religion, athletics, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and career goals. Each of these items can add more insight to your personal and acad emic life, and they all lend themselves to being a part of the admissions essay. However, it is imperative that you decide ahead of time what type of essay you want to write and how you want to include these topics.The best thing to do is to make a list of the common college application essay topics you plan to write about. After you make this list, ask yourself what types of answers or comments you would like to include in your answer. By writing out this list, you will be able to get a sense of what the admissions officer is looking for.If you cannot think of many common college application essay topics to write about, don't worry. There are other topics that are commonly overlooked by students.While these common college application essay topics are some of the most common, there are other topics that are a bit more specific and important. Therefore, before you even start writing your essay, make sure that you already know what you are going to write about and how you want to writ e it.